Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do | Diet & Workout Plan

Why can't I Lose Weight no matter what I do? Will discuss some major mistakes we made during weight lose workout or diet plan.

Today a large number of people in the worlds’ population is suffering from the obesity problem. It is a common issue in this modern lifestyle. People try several weight-loss strategies but don’t get a satisfying result to achieve their goal. The most common question I received nowadays is, why can’t I lose weight no matter what I do? This article will discuss some major mistakes we made during weight loss workout or diet plan. The main thing is not losing weight because maybe your body burns fewer calories due to time limitation. Let us discuss some significant effect that essential to losing weight fast. Must try these tricks to increase the chance of losing weight successfully and fast.

It would help if you had a clear goal:

Before starting the weight loss program, first, you have to set a clear mindset to achieve your goal. The setting of a plan means that you have to implement changes to your daily life routine. Keep in mind that what is the focus of your goal, be punctual with your workout and diet plan routine.

Healthy Foods for weight loss:

For weight loss, your body needs many fibers, nutrients, and proteins, having fewer calories foods that help you burn fat. You have to be very selective in eating foods.
These are the following foods you need to add to your diet plan to lose weight fast.

Why Are Seeds Important for Weight Loss?

Seeds are also very beneficial for you to lose weight because they are loaded with antioxidants and oil reserves, which help you to prevent diseases. It also contains a high amount of fibres, proteins, zinc, and vitamin E, which are very helpful for weight reduction and fat burning process. Seeds are also a good source of high nutrients and minerals, which are very useful for health benefits and saturated fat. If you eat 25 to 30 grams of fiber daily, it helps you lose weight more than other complicated diets, and two tablespoons of chia seeds provide you 10 grams of fiber.

Eggs for Weight Reduction:

Eggs consist of very high cholesterol, proteins, rich nutrients and fewer calories which support you to lose weight. Eating eggs at morning breakfast will increase metabolic activity and provide minerals that repeatedly ignored during your weight lose diet plan. Eating one boiled egg regularly will allow you to lose up to 12 lbs in seven days.

Eat Fruit to lose weight:

Fruits are also a powerhouse of fiber and provide low calories, which are crucial to losing weight. Fruits like apple, strawberry, kiwi, and some others are fewer in calories, low fat and provide healthy nutrients to your body.


If you love or despise it, then running is among the best and easiest ways to burn off calories, and you do not want a treadmill to perform it. Just lace up your sneakers and hit the street. Running in periods –speeding up and slowing down your speed –can make the seconds and minutes go by fast.
Run into fartleks, so Speedplay from Swedish, when you pick up the pace of another road lamp or hydrant you strike, then slow down once you move the subsequent one.


Walking is the easiest way to burn calories and improve physical health. Daily walking of just 30 to 40 minutes will improve your fitness, immune system, make your joints strong, decrease body fat and help you to fight against several harmful diseases. It will help you avoid bad habits like smoking and avoid depression.


Daily exercise can increase your metabolism and play a vital role in weight loss program. It will improve your stamina and maintain how many amounts of calories you burn daily. According to the study, regular 30 minutes of exercise will help you to sort out obesity problem, stress and protect you from various diseases.

What happens if you don’t eat enough carbs?

When you don’t get enough carbs (carbohydrates), it will cause many diseases like hypoglycemia and decrease sugar levels in the blood. Carbs are not the enemy of your body, but the main point is to focus on the complex carbs that make you feel complete rather than simple carbs that increase your hunger. Low carbs also very essential to lose fat and feel satisfied.

Foods that Avoid to Lose Weight:

In a weight lose diet plan, you have to avoid high-calorie foods with unsaturated fat that are the reason to gain weight.
These are the following foods you have to avoid:

  1. Avoid french fries and potato chips.
  2. Sugary drinks can badly affect your health and weight.
  3. Avoid junk foods like burger, pizzas.
  4. White bread that leads you to overeat.
  5. Candy bar which is a mixture of sugar and added oil.
  6. Avoid fruit juice that is a mixture of high calories and sugar.
  7. Cakes or pastries that contain a large amount of sugar.
  8. Ice-Cream.
  9. Coffee drinks contain high calories.
  10. Sugar added foods.


Every single person is worried about their fat that leads them towards a lazy lifestyle. To lose weight, you have to put balance in your food to control your metabolism rate. This article informs you of the best weight loss plan, which is very simple and effective for your overall health. These foods will provide rich nutrients, proteins and fiber that is essential for weight reduction. It will help you to control blood sugar level and protect from many dangerous diseases like type 2- diabetes, cancer, obesity, stress and depression. We hope you must like this article publish on a diet for human. Please send us your thoughts in our comment section.